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System Duct Wrap 100-3

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We have developed new solutions for fire protection, the Duct Wrap 100-3 system, for HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) ducts.

This innovative system complies with the requirements contained in the Fire Protection Program at Nuclear Power Plants, defined by the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN). It is characterized by a fire resistance capacity of up to three hours and is approved in accordance with the ASTM E 2816 12a standard and the HOSE STREAM ASTM E 2226-08 water jet test. In addition, the materials that make up the system guarantee its harmless effect on the environment, in favor of its sustainability.

It should be noted that, to date, the Duct Wrap 100-3 system already has outstanding references within the national scene, with contracts at the Almaraz and Ascó nuclear power plants.