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HPF – “Actuator Protection” System

  /    /  HPF – “Actuator Protection” System

The HPF- ”Actuator Protection” System has been tested in the Fire Laboratory (APPLUS+) to evaluate its behavior against the conditions established in the Test Regulation UL-1709 “Hydrocarbon Pool Fire”, obtaining as a result, a Classification against to fire for 45 minutes according to Test File No. 16/12789-1555.

The Classification obtained (45 minutes) guarantees the functionality and operability of the Electric Actuator, during the opening or closing maneuvers on the process valve, in extreme conditions of fire and temperature (1150ºC/2102ºF) caused by a fire, as a consequence of the spills caused by hydrocarbons.

In addition, it has an internal structure, which guarantees the mechanical stability of the Protection. The Protection System is made up of Flexible Blankets.

The Flexible Blankets are encapsulated with a fabric, which gives the excellent protection behavior against UV rays, water, oil spills and resistance to the passage of electric current (dielectric properties). The elements used for the union and fastening of the flexible blankets are made of stainless steel, to guarantee their durability against the adverse conditions generated by the marine environment.

The HPF-“Actuator Protection” System is recordable, thus facilitating the inspection activities required by the plants, on the protected equipment, without the need to carry out the partial disassembly of the protection.