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From our offices and workshops in Castellón (Spain) we design, manufacture and supply all kinds of high-temperature thermal insulation and textile solutions. Among the range of products we offer to our customers are:

An effective insulation system is essential in any industrial process in which the thermal factor is involved (maintenance of the process temperature, avoiding heat loss, improving cycle performance, avoiding premature aging of equipment and installations, etc.). Its effectiveness, duration and adequate amortization will largely depend on its correct choice.

Chepro has technical solutions for each specific application. The selection of the appropriate insulating material, a correct design and the performance of the necessary thermal calculations guarantee the achievement of the desired results.

Among the main solutions that Chepro has available are:

  • Removable thermal insulation: specially designed for insulation of rotating equipment, exchanger heads, valves, flanges, etc… It adapts to the element to be insulated, it is completely removable, facilitating operation and maintenance tasks. Thermal calculations are performed according to ASTM C-680.
  • Conventional insulation: for equipment in industrial processes with no other requirement than to provide good insulation, static equipment, pipes, etc. , we use conventional systems. Thermal calculations are performed according to ASTM C-680.
  • Anti-condensation insulation: applicable to industrial processes where work is carried out at temperatures below or close to ambient, in which the aim is to avoid condensation or keep the process temperature stable.

Las juntas de expansión y estanqueidad son componentes muy importantes en las plantas industriales. Las principales aplicaciones se dan en conductos, tuberías, uniones bridadas, válvulas y empaquetadoras.

Las juntas de expansión mejoran las condiciones de trabajo de los equipos y minimizan los costos de mantenimiento. Las juntas de expansión textiles trabajan con óptimos resultados hasta temperaturas de 1.250 ºC, manteniendo intactas sus propiedades mecánicas.

Las juntas de estanqueidad textiles se utilizan para realizar una correcta estanqueidad en todo tipo de unión y en empaquetaduras donde las temperaturas de trabajo son superiores a las temperaturas que resisten las juntas convencionales.

Todas las juntas se fabrican en cualquier dimensión y forma (circular, cuadrada, rectangular, oval, cónica o combinaciones).

Chepro ofrece a sus clientes una solución integral que incluye, no solo el diseño de la junta textil, sino también las medidas y análisis necesarios, supervisión de la instalación e inspección final para asegurar al cliente una total garantía en la aplicación de cada una de las juntas.

Chepro has a wide range of high-temperature textiles that allows us to provide our customers with multiple solutions based on high-temperature resistant fabrics.

We are currently exclusive distributors of the manufacturer KLEVERS GmbH & Co. KG, directly marketing their products or applying them to the different manufactured solutions that we offer our customers (insulation, joints, blankets, curtains, weld protection nests , etc..).

We always have the most suitable product for each application:

  • Silica textiles.
  • Fiberglass textiles.
  • Ceramic fiber textiles

Through our distribution of high-temperature textile products (from 500ºC to 1200ºC) we make the manufacture and supply of solutions in the form of fire blankets available to our customers. Fire blankets have the following applications:

  • Fire blanket.
  • Blanket for protection in welding work (protection nests).
  • Welding protection blankets.
  • Flame protection curtains for ovens.
  • Fireproof curtains for sectorization of different fire areas.

As a result of the continuous adaptation of passive protection systems to the needs of the market, Chepro, together with manufacturers of wind turbine cabins, has developed a passive protection solution based on the design and manufacture of “a tailored suit” for the walls of wind turbines.

As in the rest of the solutions, Chepro gets involved with the client to find the best solution, adapting it to the type of wind turbine and the requirements of the project.